Miss Baby Cakes

Give 'Em Hell Kid!

Marshie B Cakes
20 May 1984
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
T.A. Edison Elementary School - Phoenix AZ (1989 - 1996)
Phoenix Preparatory Academy - Phoenix AZ (1996 - 1998)
North High School - Phoenix AZ (1998 - 2001)
Interests: (110)
animal crossing: wild world, babies, baby jesus, baking, ballpark lemonade, baseball, basketaball, bath and body works, blow pops, blue icee, blue powerade slushie, bob bryar, body image, brand new, bubble gum, candy, cartoons, celebrity gossip, cheescake factory, chipotle, clouds, coloring, cooking, cotton candy, cupcakes, death, diet cherry coke, diet dr. pepper, diet pepsi, diet wild cherry pepsi, disneyland, drawing, eating disorders, emeril lagasse, frank iero, freddy kruger, gerard way, handbags, hello kitty, horror films, iced soy caramel macchiato, jamba juice, jewelry, juicy couture, kairi, kingdom hearts, kitties, leathermouth, lipgloss, lumpy, michael myers, mikey way, morbid things, music, my chemical romance, nachos, nailpolish, naked juice, nintendo ds, oh no they didn't!, orange dream machine, oregano's, organic food, otter pops, pandas, peta, peta 2, piercings, pillows, pixie stix, playing monopoly, pooh, psp, rachael ray, rain, ray toro, red icee, red vines, ring pops, rocket mania, shiny things, shoes, shopping, sir isaac lime, skeleton crew, smart water, sora, soy tacos, sparkles, starbucks, stars, stuffed animals, super mario bros., tattoos, tekken 3, the beatles, the food network, the melting pot, the ocean, the west memphis three, tiffany's, toe socks, unwrapped, vampires, veggie burrito bols, video games, volleyball in the sand, white chocolate macadamia pizzacookie, wicca, writing poetry

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